Sunday, May 23, 2010

Well, this stinks.

I opened the dryer earlier tonight and was immediately greeted with the scent of urine wafting out of the machine. Notice that I said the dryer implying that I'd already washed them. I was so shocked that the time that I wondered for a moment if I'd forgotten to put detergent in or maybe forgotten to run the washer, but then I clearly remembered doing all the appropriate steps. Not only did I soak the diapers in cold and then run it hot/cold like normal, but I also did an extra full wash with no detergent because I wanted to be sure the detergent was rinsed out.

But my diapers smell like pee.

I'd heard that diapers with a synthetic lining hold stink. This is what most pocket and all-in-one diapers are lined with. (Though not all.) Most of our all-in-ones are bumGenius. These have a microfiber liner. Anyway, I wasn't worried about stink because I never deal with poopy diapers. I figured it was the poop that is hard to get out. Apparently, pee is hard too.

I toyed with the idea of just dumping them directly from the dryer back into the washer but I decided I'd let them be used again first. Now to figure out how to get them to smell fresh again...

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