Tuesday, September 14, 2010

general update on diapers

I think it's time for an update...

My daughter continues to regularly use the potty but doesn't do it all the time so we're still doing the diaper thing. I still don't love cloth. We do, however, love it for night time. We usually use cloth at home but not when we're going out and she might be in a diaper for a long time. Some more random thoughts...

* Not great for the environment
Our diaper usage may be the worst combo for the environment. We're still throwing diapers out (1/day on average but sometimes many a days) but even on days where that doesn't change washing habits. I still have to wash every other day or it requires extra washing cycles. Sometimes I can add in other laundry so then it's ok, but I have done loads on 6 diapers.

* Washing habits
Switched to Rockin Green several months ago after a search through several cloth diaper detergents. Safe for diapers, babies and the environment. Seems to have solved our stink and repelling problems. My washing routine is now rinse cycle, soak for hours (all night), hot wash, extra rinse, dry, dry. (This is far more simple and takes less babysitting than some of the other systems.) I can't fully get rid of the pee smell though. I think I can't skimp on the soak or extra rinses. Oh, we like this detergent well enough that we're using it for most of our laundry now. And for other cleaning things like we just used it to clean our carpet.

* Rash
Almost completely gone. It's been 6 months. The bad rash she got at the beginning was from using a bad detergent (Tide Free) so the enzymes were basically eating her skin whenever the diapers got wet. After that (finally!) got resolved, she still had a rash. It'd clear up after a day or so in disposables. It got worse after any wrinkly kind of diaper like a prefold and is least bad in the morning when she was in a very wet diaper. This lead me to think that was because of the rubbing/pressure and not because she wasn't being changed enough. So prefolds are not options for us, unless trifolded and therefore basically flat. She mostly uses bumGenius All-in-ones. Those are fine and work well at night because we can add a couple of hemp inserts for extra absorbency.

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