Sunday, January 16, 2011

Cloth trainers = money savers

I don't think cloth diapers necessarily save money. It CAN be a money saver but it could also cost more. However, cloth trainers are far more cost effective than disposable trainers. (Of course, some people don't use trainers at all. I'll post why we are in another post.)

Anyway, if we were using something like pull-ups and changing them as often as I change her cloth trainers, I'd be spending $5-$10 per day. Yikes! She's at the stage now where she's making it to the potty often not always (and sometimes not noticing), or starting to pee but stopping to run to the potty and finishing there. This means she tells me they are wet but I have to do a fair amount of investigating before I find that wet droplet. I can throw trainers in the laundry so it's not a big deal (except for my time) but something like pull-ups would be 50 cents for that droplet. I am not really sure I wouldn't put the pull-up back on her. Of course, she probably wouldn't notice a drop in a pull-up since those are really diapers so it'd be less effective in terms of potty learning anyway, but that's a different discussion. :)

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