Sunday, November 21, 2010

9 month Review: Diapers used daily

bumGenius AIOs B--
This is the majority of our stash and what we use regularly. Mediums during the day and larges at night with 1-2 extra hemp doublers. Effective for preventing leaks. (Mostly. But we have had trouble with wicking if an edge isn't turned in quite right and repelling with washing issues. After identifying and rectifying those issues, we've only had a handful of leaks in the last several months. Still more than we had in the year of sposies, but not too bad.) The fit is good and she seems comfortable in them. I like that the insides are smooth (since rubbing is an issue for us) and that I can add more absorbency easily.

The aplix (velcro) though, is really annoying. I mean, I love the ease to put it on and take it off. Even though my toddler can do it, this is a pro. She helps get herself undressed for bath time or can take them off when she needs to go potty. However, the dang things do NOT stay on their "laundry tabs" while washing. (Most of my mediums have laundry tabs that are smaller than the hook side so they stand almost no chance of sticking.) Consequently, they end up stuck to each other, scratching the waterproof outside (no leaking through yet, but it's only a matter of time), and tangling up with anything else I dare to put in the diaper load. It really gets me when I have to rip one of her darling little pairs of underwear off diaper, doing obvious damage. (These are cheap, but doing unnecessary damage to them makes me sad every time. I threw a few of my not-so-cheap nursing bras in the laundry with the diapers once-- boy did I regret that!) The damage from the aplix has also made the resale value much lower. The diapers are still functional so they probably can be resold but not for as much as I was led to believe initially. Of course, disposables have zero resale value so some is better than none. I just understand why people swear by snaps now. (Prefolds and fitteds with snappis would be similar.) It might take a little longer putting them on the kid but you don't have the laundry frustrations.

Hemp doublers A+
Still happy with these. They are thin, absorb well, and are in basically the same condition as when I got them, with the exception of the 2 my washing machine tried to eat. That wasn't the doublers fault though. We add these to her nighttime diapers and this works well. Definitely adds a lot of absorbency for virtually no bulk.

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