Sunday, November 21, 2010

9 month review: Diapers not used often

These are the other diapers and accessories that we still have but rarely use.

Sposoeasy all in one with snaps B
We don't use this often because the tongue can contribute to my kid's rash and it doesn't fit her well (large gap around the tummy) but it has held up well. Probably a great diaper option for kids who fit in it properly and don't mind the tongue bunchiness. Actually, it'd probably bunch less if my kid were bigger around the middle and better matched the shape of the diaper design.

Swaddlebees Fleece Cover A-
I was initially a little bit disappointed that the pretty fleece pilled up immediately. However, that doesn't seem to have affected its effectiveness. It still seems comfortable on my kiddo, washes up in the washing machine well and dries quickly, and the velcro tabs aren't as obnoxious as others. I think I'd like this one a little bit more if it were snaps. The two step process of put something absorbent on and then slap the cover on my kid is often impractical. An infant size prefold trifolded in the cover works pretty well, but putting all that together is harder than the AIOs. (Remember that I'm changing a squirmy toddler on my lap while sitting on the edge of a bathtub since all changes happen in the bathroom.) I think I'm basically a fan of fleece though.

Bummas Wipes B
I got these free for making some suggestions on their website and they sent me a pack as a thank you. I was really excited. I figured we use them for everything for years to come. They don't seem to be holding up terribly well though. They're still fine and can cer, but not the fabulous product I thought they were. They're my favorite of the cloth wipes we've used, but I think that just means they're better than that one flannel one I was sent as a bonus once.

Easy to Bum fitteds with snaps
We just got these so I really can't say much. They are reasonably absorbent. They seem comfortable. They don't have any velcro so there's no washing issues. They require a cover so they're a little more work to put on than an all-in-one, but not too bad. My kid seems to really like them but I can't figure out why (colorful snaps?) but my husband thinks that having to unsnap the peed on diaper is the worst idea ever. He doesn't change many diapers so I don't want to give him an excuse to change fewer, but these are probably not a bad idea for people not married to my husband and aren't as squeamish about a little urine.

Grobaby all-in-two (now Grovia) C-
Eh. Doesn't fit her so leaks around the legs. I only use it when I'm in desperate need for a cover or don't really think she needs to pee in the near future but want a little more protection than her running around naked. The velcro was fine initially but doesn't stay stuck in the laundry at all.

bumGenius Pocket diaper C
I don't like pockets but I got this on ebay before I knew that. We also don't have an official insert for it since it didn't come with one and didn't seem worth them money when I knew I didn't like pockets. This is for emergency use only. We'll stick a prefold in it. This mostly gets used when she goes potty in the middle of dinner and we know she'll be taking a bath right after dinner so it doesn't seem worth using a "good" diaper.

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