Saturday, November 13, 2010

Wee One's Easy to Bum Diapers

I won a 3 pack of Wee One's Easy to Bum Diapers.

They're really no frills fitted diapers. (In other words, they are shaped like a disposable but don't have a waterproof exterior and require a cover.) They have a bunch of snaps that could have been put together in the dark by someone color blind-- functional and well placed, but no reason for the mix of colors in the various snaps. They're also a bit thick but seem soft and both times I've picked one up, my little on has ripped off her current diaper to request that one. Maybe she likes the crazy colored snaps! :)

I thought I really liked these when I opened the package. I was excited that they claimed I could use them after 1 wash, but they wouldn't be fully absorbent until 3. As soon as I got them out of the washer and showed one to my husband, my daughter fought to put it on. After a few minutes, I switched her to her night time diaper (bg aio with extra hemp doubler) but she'd already peed in the fitted. It held it well and didnt leak though, but it probably would have soon.

Anyway, when she requested it again, I put a fleece cover over it and it seemed like the softest diaper solution we have (and also the thickest). My daughter seemed happy enough and enjoyed this through dinner.

Then my husband took her to the bathroom after dinner for a bath and took off her diaper.

"Ew. Ew ew ew ew!"
"This is just disgusting. I have to unsnap this pee-soaked diaper?"
"This is horrible! This is the worst product ever. How did we not see this coming? Ew!"

His reaction was so extreme it was funny, but he does have a point. Fitted diapers run the risk of soaking through to the closures. Possibly not a good plan for the elimination-squeamish.

So even though we might use this from time to time, I don't think I'll be getting many more of them. If this is the kind of thing you're looking for, it seems like a good product and they are inexpensive. Under $100 for a pack of 10-12, depending on size.

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