Sunday, November 21, 2010

9 month review: Underwear and training pants

Gerber plastic pants A
For what these are supposed to be, these are great. My husband calls them the shower cap with leg holes. They're certainly no frills. I've been using them over her underwear when we're practicing for potty training so if she has an accident, it's contained. Since she really isn't potty trained, she's had quite a few accidents. NONE have leaked. Zero. (Now, I only use these when sje's up and running around so it's really obvious the instant she goes.) We only have 2 and I don't use them often (though they've probably been used a couple dozen times each) and I always hand wash them so they've held up well. I just sent them through the washing machine (maybe for the first time? maybe I did that initially but I don't remember) since my husband complained they smelled like stale pee. These run about $1.50 each and that's about the quality they are. Not fancy. Not worth saving for the next kid. But effectiveness for under $2?! If I'd come up with this plan at 13 months around the time she was semi-potty trained (she's less so now) and outgrew the pampers swaddlers, I might not have tried cloth. Or perhaps I'd have had a different focus. Oh, and she is using 12 mo size over her undies which are still very roomy since they are designed to go over diapers.

Elmo underwear A
Fruit of the loom or some generic brand. She saw them in the store and wanted them when she was about 16 months old. They're 2t but fit her fine. No absorbency at all but the motivation to keep Elmo dry seems useful. I couple these with the aforementioned plastic pants for around the house. I think she's only gone out in them once and she stayed dry for that short excursion.

Wool underwear
I don't know what to think of these. They seem to fit ok. We got them because she was the right size tester and potty training (many months ago) but do I put them over something absorbent? There isn't really elastic on the legs so I think they'd leak (and did, the one time I tried them over undies) and I'm not sure they'd be comfortable alone. Lanolizing was no big deal though so perhaps there is hope for me and wool.

Gerber training pants
These are more absorbent than just plain undies but won't hold a full pee. I got her 18 mo size many months ago and they fit her around but were really tall. Comfortable and soft enough. But don't have elmo on them so there's less motivation to keep them dry in our case. :) I suspect we'll use these more as she's closer to fully potty trained and these will work for little leaks.

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