Sunday, November 21, 2010

9 month review: detergent

Tide Free F
This made a mess of our diapers and caused serious stink and repelling issues. Some websites said it was fine because it was the "free" version and a lot of people on a CD website recently listed that as their detergent so it must work for some but it was certainly not fine for our diapers and hard water. Worked for the first couple of months but then it was disaster.

Crunchy Clean
I just had a sample of this so I used it for a half dozen washes. Seemed fine but then there was an issue when I ordered more and I ended up using Rockin Green instead.

Rockin Green Detergent A
Definitely good. Helped solve our laundry-related problems like wicking and leaking. It comes in nice scents but that doesn't really matter since they rinse out of the clothes. (It hadn't occurred to me that that nice smell left on clothes is really detergent residue.) My husband is the bigger fan, I think. He now advocates it for most of our clothes. It got stains out of shirts that he hadn't been able to get out for years. We've used it to clean the carpet and other household things because it's safer than other chemical cleaners. (We also got a bag from a bad batch that didn't fully mix so they replaced it but suggested we use this to clean stuff around the house.) I don't feel like it's the miracle product that I read so many reviews about, but it's definitely pretty darn good.

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