Wednesday, November 10, 2010

9 months into cloth diapering... still not loving it

I wish I loved cloth diapering. I want to write raving reviews over all the products I've tried. I want to tell everyone how amazing cloth diapering is and encourage everyone to try it.

But I don't love it. I don't even like it. Actually, I hate it.

Before switching to cloth, I didn't mind diapering at all. Pee and poop was no big deal. Buying was easy and cheaper than I thought it'd be, many fit in the diaper bag so I was never in danger of running out, changes were fast, fit was great, leaks and rashes were unheard of, disposal was trivial...

Now that I'm using cloth, I hate diapers. Of all kinds. All the time. Using cloth, I dread the additional stinky* laundry**, the potential for leaks***, and the continuous (albeit mild) rashes**** I know I could avoid with disposables. With disposables, I feel guilty about all the trash and chemicals I'm contributing to the landfills.

Perhaps there is a solution here, but I don't know what it is. I know there are some better-for-the-environment disposables, but I hear they are big and not as comfortable. I suspect there are better cloth options, too. Perhaps something with fleece or wool instead of PUL so the diapers are more breathable, but it'd be a significant chunk of money to try more and I'm still "behind" for buying cloth over disposables 9 months ago so I'm hesitant to buy even more that I might not like. Maybe I can find a fleece/wool trial pack so I could try some for basically free. Hm, I'll look into that. Given how much I hate diapering right now, I'm not very excited about it. I think most cloth users love it. Wish I loved it, too!

* Stink has improved some since we're using Rockin Green with an overnight soak every time but the smell is still horrendous after a day so the diapers are now being kept out on the balcony.
** Laundry is better now that I've nailed down a routine, but some of the logistics make it difficult and very time consuming.
*** Leaks are also better since we're using a good detergent, but we've had well over 10x the leaks than we did in disposables. Leaks don't happen often (in the diapers that fit well) but for some reason she leaks every time she sits on the couch with her dad wearing only a cloth diaper. (I never have the problem.)
**** The rash is due to rubbing. Cloth doesn't always fit as well as disposables so the rubbing causes rashes and any moisture makes it worse. If I'm really careful to dry her after using a wipe, she doesn't sweat, and I only use diapers with smooth insides (ie bumGenius AIO, not a pocket or sposoeasy or Grobaby which all have inherent wrinkles) then the rash improves, but then I'll forget to dry or figure it's getting better and I've run out of the better diaper options and then it's back. It's still very mild but I feel guilty about giving my kid a rash using cloth when I know she wouldn't have one in disposables (I put her in pampers for a few days when it gets bad.) This is the opposite of most kids who are more sensitive to chemical rash.

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