Monday, June 20, 2011

Diaper Donations

A friend just visited and her playgroup is doing a diaper drive for a Mother in Need so I sent some diapers with her.  If you want to donate:

I couldn't help but think cloth would go farther for people who can't afford diapers.  Cotton Babies has worked hard to put together affordable options like the econobum diapers... everything you need for less than $50:

And cloth can be even cheaper than that  if you get good deals on prefolds ($1-2/each) and covers (about $6 each) or flats, which are even cheaper and easier to clean.  However, I have to think that dealing with cloth is probably not something a lot of moms want to deal with if they're worried about not being able to diaper their child at all.  Not to mention washing might not be easy or economic if they have to get to a laudromat and pay for the machines frequently.

Of course, there's always ECing-- needs no diapers at all!  :)  (Not an option many families know about, I suspect.)

Anyway, my heart goes out to parents who are struggling to take care of basic needs for their child.  Perhaps some of my readers will be able to donate as well.

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