Monday, October 18, 2010

Dry all night!

When we got up this morning, she was nursing as usual but I eventually ran off because I had to go to the bathroom. She ran after me telling me she had to go. Sometimes this is just reporting what I'm doing but I pealed off her pjs and plopped her on the potty. She eagerly peed and had clearly been holding it. Her diaper was completely dry.

I think this probably happens often and I'm just too lazy to leap up and drag her off to the bathroom first thing in the morning. If she asks, of course I'll take her, but otherwise, I'd rather lie in bed for a few minutes and nurse and maybe we'll even doze again. I've read that kids don't pee in their sleep. They wake up first. (I've also read that it takes a while for that hormone to develop, but I guess it has.) There have been times when I'm sure it's just fresh pee when I get up in the morning. I guess I should get in the habit of getting up more quickly.

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