Sunday, October 10, 2010


I won $10 to an online diaper store. Whoo hoo! :)

I think my typical response to this kind of thing would be to see what I could get for free. However, now I'm looking at what things I'd probably like but wouldn't justify the money without even being able to see the product, but maybe $10 would be worth the risk.

One of the products I'm considering is Trainers.

I'm not sure I really understand Trainers/Training Pants. Are they just diapers that can be pulled on and off? Are they supposed to feel wet (unlike many diapers)? Do they contain messes? Do they change color or play a sound when wet? (I haven't found any that do, but that'd be neat!)

After looking at quite a few and reading reviews, it seems like there are 2 kinds:
* Not waterproof at all but a little bit absorbent. The Gerber Training Pants that we have that are just like regular underwear but have the padding of about 6 cotton balls in the crotch. It seems like these are most useful when a kid starts peeing, feels the wetness, and stops. If they were to keep peeing, the pee would go right through. These will hold a little more than a typical pair of cotton undies so could save the carpet if there was only a little dribble before the kiddo remembered what to do.
* Semi-waterproof. I think the idea here is that the child pees and it's contained mostly. Maybe I need some of these for when I think she is potty trained but it'd be bad news if she isn't... like when she's bouncing on the trampoline during gymnastics class.

Is this it?

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