Sunday, October 10, 2010


I haven't put her in undies much at all lately. (Maybe once or twice in the last week?) However, we're still seeing little potty training progress.

She seems to tell us when she has to go, or maybe when she's going, even in diapers. The conversation is usually something like this:
"Potty." Nearly inaudibly and it usually takes my brain a second to process it.
"Did you say 'potty'? Do you need to go potty? Well, lets go!"
"No." Now she's done and no longer needs to go. At least her diaper gets changed quickly and she's telling me when she needs to go, but I'm apparently taking too long to react. Still progress, I think.

Also, her diapers are dry longer so I am changing her less often, which meant we went through fewer diapers and I forgot to do the laundry because our little tiny trash can wasn't yet full. Typically, our nighttime diapers are a bumgenious all-in-one with 2 additional hemp inserts. We use the flip organic prefold if we run out of hemp inserts. That's 4 days worth and I typically do diaper laundry every other day so that should be "plenty." However, with only about 8 diapers in the pail, I didn't realize I needed to do laundry and ended up stuffing her diaper last night with a prefold and a pair of socks.

She's been in underwear most of today. I figured we had about an hour this morning before we left the house so she was in undies which stayed dry. She peed before we left, but I put her in a diaper for our 1.5 hour walk in the stroller. (I wasn't willing to risk it. There aren't easily accessible toilets the whole walk and I'm not going to carry a potty or just have her pee in the grass, which have both been suggestions I've heard.) Anyway, when we got home, her diaper was dry and she went pee/poop in the potty and then got undies on. She's been dry through her nap (so far) and it's 5pm.

I do like having NO used diapers at all so far today. :)

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