Sunday, October 17, 2010

More surprises in pottying

A couple of days ago, my daughter headed off for the bathroom. As she got there, she exclaimed "Stool!" and ran away (actually, she said, "Sewell" but was referring to the stool she uses to get up onto the toilet). She found the stool which weighs about half as much as she does and carried it back to the bathroom. Then she pulled off her diaper, put it in the diaper bucket, sat on the toilet and promptly peed and pooped.

Then yesterday, we drove to a wedding about an hour away and then to the reception following. After a while, my husband asked me when I'd last changed her. My sheepish response? "When we were at home." In other words, several hours ago. No one had checked her in the meantime. He handed her to me to go change her and was concerned she'd filled the diaper and leaked. But then someone came to chat or her grandparents wanted to play with her or something and I completely forgot that I was en route to changing her potentially leaky diaper.

A while later, my husband confirmed I'd changed her. Oops, no. So I whisked her off to the bathroom feeling like the most negligent parent ever and hoping the leaking wouldn't be too bad.

I was shocked when I removed her diaper. It was dry. Completely bone dry. 6.5 hours, including a nap, wedding, 2 car trips, dinner and some reception time later and she stayed completely dry. I popped her on the toilet in the busy restaurant bathroom (she hates those stall bathrooms with all the scary noises and limited visibility) and she immediately peed. It didn't seem like she'd been anxiously waiting for hours, but she was content enough to go given the opportunity. I put her in a new diaper (saving the other dry one for use later, but I wanted confirmation that it was in fact dry and I wasn't just crazy) and when we got home 3 hours later, that new diaper was dry too.

It's fun to change dry diapers.

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