Sunday, June 13, 2010

Four diapers

I did my normal load of laundry last night. Soak for a couple of hours agitating periodically, hot wash, cold rinse, extra rinse. 2 cycles in the dryer.

At some point during the soak, I thought maybe I'd turn the all-in-ones inside out so that might help clean them better since I'm still dealing with stink issues. I dug through the soaking mess and turned one... two... three... four diapers inside out. I dug around some more and then realized that was it. I was doing a full load of laundry taking up several hours of washing resources for four diapers! There were also 3 pairs of underwear, 4 inserts, and my 10 new cloth wipes so it wasn't just 4 diapers swishing around. Still seems very inefficient.

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