Saturday, June 5, 2010

Free Disposable Diapers

For the sake of completeness, I should also note how to get disposables free. Free samples. Most companies offer freebies but they vary in size availability and style so it takes a little looking. A half-dozen free disposables is far less useful than a single free cloth diaper though, so I almost thought it isn't worth mentioning. However, the different disposables are cut very differently and quality varies a lot so I highly recommend getting free samples as much as possible. Pregnant? Start now. I've gotten free huggies newborn and size 1 samples, free pampers cruisers, huggies pure and natural (and they sent me 3!) and free Easy Ups.
A couple of pampers:

I couldn't find any valid now, but I walmart often has huggies samples like this:

7th gen has run out but will probably have more in the future:

Signing up with the companies might also work. We get a lot of high value coupons in the mail.

While I'm mentioning signing up, I'll also note that this is good for other baby items. I signed up with Gerber and Beechnut and they both sent me coupons for free food. Sure, I get emails sent to an address I rarely check (but they aren't even very obnoxious) but free useful stuff is great. Plus, we learned we didn't like beech-nut so we won't spend any money on them. :) (We really like Earth's Best: organic, lots of variety in one jar, and tasty.)

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