Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Review: Bummas Cloth Wipes

Bottom line: Love these.

I got Bummas wipes only a few days ago so perhaps my review is premature. So far, I really like these wipes. I've only used them for drying after using a disposable wet wipe, but I'm sure they'd do fine with being used as a wet wipe as well.

They're about 5"x7" and very well made. My daughter has chewed on a few clean wipes and done no damage. They've been washed only a few times but look good as new. I suspect they'll stay this way for a while.

I'm sure I could use a thinner washcloth to do the same job, but that would be like using a scrap of paper when it'd be nicer to use an index card. Of course, I got these for free so I'm having a hard time determining if they are worth the price ($16.95 for 10) but I think that's what cloth wipes go for generally.

Bummas Wipes: A

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