Sunday, June 13, 2010

Review: Pockets

Pocket diapers are made up a water proof cover and a pocket to stuff an absorbent insert. They need to be washed after every use but the advantage is that they wash and dry more easily than an all-in-one, have the same convenience as putting on a disposable, and the absorbency can be easily varied. For example, if your child is soaking through a night time diaper, add another insert. I hear that many day cares that are generally not willing to use cloth diapers will use these or all-in-ones. These are also one-sized diapers meaning that they can be adjusted to fit babies for nearly all of their time in diapers which can be a money saver.

I had 3 pocket diapers in my trial pack: 1 Fuzzibunz Perfect Fit Pocket Diaper, 1 bumGenius 3.0 One Size Cloth Diaper, and 1 Happy Heiny One Size Pocket Diaper.

In this picture, the Happy Heiny is green, Fuzzibunz is light pink, and bumGenius is dark pink.

I was very excited about the Happy Heiny. Look at all those snaps!

It took me a few minutes to figure out what snaps went to what, but it's fairly simple. The panel of 9 that are in the bottom-ish area of the diaper are used to adjust the rise. This is what makes it go from infant size to toddler size. The 16 snaps along the top 2 rows are for adjusting the waist. The neat thing about this diaper is that there are extra snaps on the straps so that they can overlap for a skinny child. Since my daughter is on the thinner side, this was great. However, then I put this diaper on her and it almost immediately got all wonky:

The Fuzzibunz were a little better for us. There is a row of snaps for the waist and another row for the legs. This means that a skinny baby with fat legs (or vice versa) might still do well with this diaper. It didn't fit under her clothes though.

The bumGenius was my favorite of the pocket diapers. It just fit Teresa the best and also fit under her clothes. Making the rise smaller didn't work out well but maybe she's big enough that she doesn't need it.

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