Friday, June 4, 2010

Product Tester

I forgot to mention that another way to get free stuff is to be a tester. Because there are lots of designs for cloth diapers and those making them usually only have access to a few kids to try them on, there is sometimes a request for others to try out a product.

We were just selected as an underwear tester!

I'm ridiculously excited about this. I'd been eying these undies for a while. They're wool. Wool is supposed to be awesome but it's so expensive, I haven't tried it at all. From what I've read, I really like this company too. The reason they're redesigning their wool undies is to add a colorful strip around the top which will help use up some of their remnants from other products. They want to reduce waste as much as possible. I'm impressed. I really want to love their products so I hope these undies will be great.

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