Thursday, June 3, 2010

How to Get Free Diapers

Two words:
#clothdiaper #giveaway

Go to Twitter right now and type it in. You'll see a half-dozen or so opportunities for free diapers or accessories going on right now.

Here's the deal as far as I understand it. There are many brands of cloth diapers and they aren't sold in mainstream stores so there is a challenge to get the word out to cloth users. It seems that a successful way is to give a blog writer 2 diapers: one to use and review in their blog and another to put up for a giveaway.

To enter the giveaway, you generally just have to post a comment about the product. Additional entries are gained by "liking" on facebook, "following" on twitter, tweeting some text which nearly always includes #clothdiaper #giveaway and/or #win, etc. This means that if you search for those hashtags, you can jump into the game too. Then a winner is chosen by random number. Even if you don't cloth diaper, you can play too. Once you have it in hand, you might like it. If not, just pass it along to someone who will. Free stuff is fun!

By the way, if anyone wants to send me free stuff to review, feel free to contact me. ;)

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