Sunday, June 13, 2010

Review: Prefolds

Bottom line: I hate prefolds.

These are the classic diaper of yesteryear. The ones your mom and grandma used with diaper pins. They're the only ones available from diaper service. They're easy to care for, inexpensive, and last virtually forever. Many people still use them and love them. Now, people generally use a snappi instead of pins.

So why my disdain? I just couldn't get them to fit well. It seemed too small around her skinny waisted toddler but also far too long.

I tried some different folds but it just didn't work right and drooped as my kid ran around. Since I believe my daughter's long term rash is from cloth rubbing, something like this which doesn't have a good fit by design wasn't going to work for us


A cover could help some, of course. (The cover shown is a Thirsties cover. It was apparently the right size but seemed HUGE on her.)


I also didn't like the snappi. My husband called it "the claw" and even though I knew it wouldn't go through the diaper, I always felt like I was hooking something directly into my kid's delicate parts. (I think I'd have been even more terrified if I had a boy. My fears are irrational though.) My daughter is also an active toddler so she could easily slip her hand under the cover and extract the snappi. Though I knew she wasn't going to poke her eyes out, this still seemed dangerous.

There is one fold that I do like though-- trifold. I just take the prefold and fold it along those sewn in lines and stick it in a cover. This is relatively smooth against my daughter's skin and just relies on the cover to hold it up. This would not be effective for an infant though. I think all the wrinkles is what holds that watery poop in so a smooth fit would be bad.

A lot of people love prefolds and I think maybe I could learn to like them on an infant if I knew how to do it better, but this really didn't work for me. I don't think people who use these are nuts, these just don't work for me and my active kid. I suspect there is a better way to work these but lots of experimentation left me less than satisfied. I like this option for use in an emergency, right up there with paper towels and duct tape. It just feels to kludgy for the planned day use.

If it works for you though, awesome. They're inexpensive, easy to care for, and will last through many kids. Plus, you have the option of diaper service.

Prefolds: C

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